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Basic Jekyll!


I guess I should blog some of the stuff I’m tinkering with so I don’t forget what I’m learning. I’m going to start at the base and log a few bits and commands about getting started with Jekyll.

First off, you need to install Jekyll. I’m currently using a Mac and I have the full build of Ruby installed for some Chef tinkering so I was able to follow the Jekyll Quick start. I did have to change the install path as described on the Jekyll Troubleshooting page.

Ok, hopefully you got it installed so let’s actually do something with it.

# Install Jekyll and Bundler gems through RubyGems
~ $ gem install jekyll bundler

## Create a new Jekyll site at ./myblog
~ $ jekyll new myblog

# Change into your new directory
~ $ cd myblog

# Build the site on the preview server
~/myblog $ bundle exec jekyll serve

# Now browse to <http://localhost:4000>

(Yeah, I know, looks familiar, eh? That’s cause I copied it straight from the Quick start guide… It works, why reinvent the wheel…)

Next is to create a post.

# Create post file using the following format
~/myblog $ touch _posts/2017-06-05-basic-jekyll.md

From there, add your header and start writing. Post Docs