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Create a GHEC org via script



A super common task is automating the creation of GitHub objects. One, organziations, isn’t super well documented and kind of hard to find so I’m making a note on how to do it.


Here’s the GraphQL query in easy to read format

  mutation {
    create_org: createEnterpriseOrganization
      input: {
        adminLogins: ["<ADMIN_HANDLE>", "<ADMIN_HANDLE>", "<ADMIN_HANDLE>"] 
        billingEmail: "<ADMIN_EMAIL>" 
        enterpriseId: "<ENTPRISE_ID>" 
        login: "<ORG_SLUG>" 
        profileName: "<ORG_FULL_NAME>" 

Here’s a working example.

curl -H "Authorization: token ${GH_PAT}" -X POST \
-d '{"query": "mutation {create_org: createEnterpriseOrganization(input: {adminLogins: [\"<ADMIN_HANDLE>\", \"<ADMIN_HANDLE>\", \"<ADMIN_HANDLE>\"] billingEmail: \"<ADMIN_EMAIL>\" enterpriseId: \"<ENTPRISE_ID>\" login: \"<ORG_SLUG>\" profileName: \"<ORG_FULL_NAME>\" }){organization {id}}}"}' https://api.github.com/graphql

NOTE: The data following the -d must be a single line string (a curl limitation) The double quote marks in the graphql query must be escaped billingEmail: "\"

NOTE: This uses curl because there’s a bug in the gh command where it won’t accept arrays. Once that bug is resolved, you’ll be able to specify the admins in a simple array e.g. -f admins=‘[“usera”, “userb”]’

You can read more about GitHub’s GraphQL endpoint in the documentation.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me: @jamesmassardo